What I Miss The Most Since Going Vegan – It’s Not The Food.

Although being a vegan is mostly sunshine, rainbows and butterflies there are some things about my life prior to veganism that I do miss…

The convenience of eating whatever I want.

No, it’s not that I want to eat non-vegan products. When I was young I would eat anything I was not a fussy eater at all and fussy eaters irritated the hell out of me in my teenage years. Now I’m living the life of a fussy eater because so many things have been removed from my diet.

Being able to eat lunch around non-vegans without it seeming like a grand political statement.

In the same way, a fussy eater doesn’t have to explain the backstory of why they don’t eat onions please don’t make me explain why I’m eating vegan. I would never berate a meat eater for his choice to eat meat yet I am exhausted having to explain why I’m vegan and I’m especially tired of being mocked for it. If you are genuinely curious and not just looking to berate me then that’s fine. Otherwise can’t we just talk about current events rather than what’s on my plate? I eat and live life as a vegan I don’t want it to be all I talk about too, there’s more to my personality than that.

Ordering a latte without worrying that they may have used the wrong milk for it.

I once heard a story about a chef who hated vegans and vegetarians so he would deliberately place animal products in their food and then snigger when they ate it without noticing. Every time I order a latte or similar beverage I wonder “is this cow’s milk” I think I would be able to tell by the taste and if not I would know by the sickness I would no doubt feel. So far I’ve been safe.

Being able to go food shopping without having to intricately scan every food label.

Thankfully I’ve been vegan long enough that I know what to buy and what not to buy and I don’t buy many packaged products so this isn’t so much of a problem anymore. However, in the beginning, this was a real nuisance.

Having more than a couple of meal options at most restaurants.

Sometimes this is frustrating and sometimes I try and look at this as a surprise meal. Will it be stir-fry will it be curry. Will I be eating bread rolls? Who knows!

Hanging out with your meat-obsessed friends.

If Thursday night is steak night at a local bar, I’ll give you three guesses who’s not invited – The Vegan.

Drinking any beer or wine without having thoroughly researched it in advance.

Again this is something that I have learned through experience but was a real nuisance at the start and is again when I’m in an area where I can’t find my go-to wines.

Eating a drunken feast without questioning what the hell it might actually be.

Many mornings after drinking I suffered the sore stomach that told me that that kind chip van man lied to me that burger had dairy.

Being able to eagerly partake in free treats at work.

Oh! That table looks so pretty what is there for me to eat – Nothing. Ok, I’ll bring my own. Oh everyone else loves the taste of my vegan snacks and eats them all. That’s fine I’ll just sip on my water.

Travel without having to bring emergency provisions.

You know those pre-packed sandwiches you get in service stations? You know how many of those are vegan? Zero. If you see a vegan pulling a bag of granola out of their handbag you know they’ve recently been on a long journey and faced this problem and so they are always prepared.

Did I miss anything is there anything you miss about your life prior to veganism is there a solution for anything I have listed? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. apathtovegan says:

    Great post! Especially the part about eating with people when all they do is ask you why you’re eating it and what it is. Looking forward to that this christmas- not! haha. The only good side (workwise) I can think of is when people bring in huge chocolate dairy-laden full of fat birthday cakes in- so much easier to resist and say no when you’re vegan! 😉


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