How to Cook for a Vegan at Christmas

In the past year’s veganism has been growing and it this is only continuing. So the chance that you will have a vegan at your table is very high. For that reason, I’ve decided to so a blog which is a little bit different in that it is aimed and the omnivores out there because you might need some help. Although this is a little daunting with some preparation and some easy ingredient swaps you can easily cook for a vegan and they will be as satisfied as everyone else at the table. There are just a few things you have to bear in mind.

Vegans and gluten-free are not the same things. Do not confuse it. In fact, a big chunk of gluten will often go down very well with vegan guests.

Don’t lie. If you put duck fat in the potatoes or butter in the mushy peas tell them. It is not only immoral but some vegans will have developed sensitivities to these products. They may not know while they are eating but you may ruin their boxing day.

Hummus can go a long way. If you don’t know what sauces butter, dips or dressings to use buy some good hummus and you’ll make them very happy. Side note guacamole can do the same job.

Look for hidden animal products in booze.  Some wines have isinglass from fish or gelatine or egg whites. Check the label or check online.

Swap in vegan options. They are available for almost everything so this is easy. Add a nut based cheese to a cheese platter, vegan gravy, ice cream and custards are available in most large supermarkets. The web is flooded with recipes for home-made versions. You can offer your guest the vegan option or change out ingredients on your own. Who knows you may even like it more!

Mock meat. There are a ton of fake meats on the markets. Some of these, however, can be a bit pricey so it is best to check with your vegan guest if it is something they enjoy before purchasing. Some love it some hate it.

No Honey. It may not be obvious but honey is not vegan. Maple syrup or brown sugar are great substitutes. While we are talking about dessert watch the jelly it contains gelatine you can swap this out with agar agar which is vegan-friendly.

Pile on the vegetables. These will keep all your guests happy but make sure they are vegan. Roasted in a plant-based oil and in a separate tray to the turkey. If you’re serving salads and dressings serve the dressings on the side and maybe add a vegan-friendly dressing such as balsamic vinegar.

Remember some products are accidentally vegan and these products are your best friends. These products include some crisps, dark chocolate and some biscuits.

So do not fret. Even if you do slip up, most vegans know which foods may contain products they don’t eat so they’ll be able to verify. Call them up and ask what they would like to eat. They might have a recipe for a nut roast they can make and bring with them. Vegans are well adjusted to bringing food with them and hate to put people to alot of  trouble.


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  1. veganmom7 says:

    Good ideas – in fact, I wrote a very similar post a little while ago: . Great minds think alike!


  2. Sheree says:

    Great advice!


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