Vegan Living With An Omnivore.

First of all, I have to say congratulations and thank you! Whether you have been vegan for one day, week, month or year or decade. I want to thank you so much for doing your part for the animals. While you are abstaining from animal products you are creating a better world for the generations to come. Including my bloodline. For this, you deserve thanks and praise. Now being vegan is sometimes not the easiest thing to do – especially if you live in a house with omnivores. You have started or completed your transition but everyone needs to do it on their own time. Pressuring someone into doing something that you are not ready for is against what veganism is all about. Sure we like to give our loved ones a nudge from time to time, and it may turn our stomachs to see them consuming something we now consider vile but we have to be tolerant. This can be especially difficult if you are the main cook in the house. So I’m writing today to give you some handy tips for being a vegan in a house with omnivores.

The first tricky part is shopping. If you are the person who is doing the shopping buy vegan – simples. The omnivores can fend for themselves if they really crave a burger or a steak. You may even consider leaving them a shelf in the cupboard or in the fridge to store their own goods or if you’re outnumbered take a shelf for yourself for your goods. If you have children who haven’t made the transition consider buying some Meat substitutes for them to munch on these can also work for the adults in your house.

Cooking a meal can be tricky. As before cook vegan if the omnivores really want a meaty meal they can cook it for themselves. If you have children perhaps throw a few Quorn Nuggets in the oven and say nothing – I bet they won’t even notice. Your family will eventually appreciate that this is your lifestyle now and that cooking dishes such as Bolognese or steak is a thing of the past. There are a lot of commercially available mince and chicken substitutes that will provide the protein and taste they crave from meat. You have to be strong when it comes to cooking meat. Don’t back down. If you do it once like for a special occasion you will have destroyed your fight and they’ll try and get you to back down again. If they want ham and turkey for the holidays or cheese on their pizza. They can get it themselves or cook it themselves. You are the cook, not a short order chef. If you are not the cook in the house, it’s time to learn. Look online for simple vegan meals some are so simple and so quick and if you like one cook it for the rest of the house. Forcing an omnivore to cook your vegan products may build up resentment and this is the feeling they may associate with veganism.

Going out to eat. I believe the worst thing you can do here is put the pressure on. Let them eat their meat-laden products and don’t roll your eyes. The best way of getting someone to consider veganism is to set an example when you can.  Tell them all about the benefits you are feeling. They’ll even see it on your face!

Experiment with typical vegan foods. This is the best method of trying to convert an omnivore. Put on your apron and make your favourite vegan meals to demonstrate that vegans don’t just eat grass. Once they taste how good it can be maybe they’ll crave it less. Especially since it’s not just at their fingertips seeing as you are doing the shopping.


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