Remove Cheese From Your Diet in 10 Easy Steps.

It is not said lightly that cheese is addictive. This has been proved a compound in cheese have been found in studies and it is what causes us to come back again and again for more. This addictive compound is the protein – Casein. When it is digested it releases casomorphins which act like morphine in the body. This creates an addictive response which is comparable to heroin. Going vegan for me the most difficult thing to give up was most definitely cheese. I’ve heard of so many people who say “I could give of everything else just not cheese”.  Don’t be hard on yourself you are in the throes of an addiction which is very difficult to beat. I’ve created this blog to try and help you kick the habit one step at a time!

Step One –

Consider what is in the cheese – Pus, antibiotics, faecal matter!

Step Two –

Go Cold turkey. Cutting down is not going to get rid of those nasty cravings. It has to be completely eradicated so your body can rid itself of the addiction

Step Three –

Try out an alternative cheese.  Removing it without an alternative can be difficult especially as we tend to put cheese on nearly everything.  There are loads of commercial dairy free cheeses available and you can sample these and find which one suits you. Or you can make your own!

Step Four –

Accept that you can live without cheese. It is not air, it is not water it is the breast milk of a cow. You can do without!

Step Five –

Foods that you normally had cheese on taste good even without cheese.  A burrito tastes the same when you put it there you are getting more of a physiological purpose than for taste. Even pizza can taste great without cheese!

Step Six –

You can create creaminess with other ingredients. Avocado, nut butter and nut cheeses can give you the richness and texture you crave so much from cheese without the dairy!

Step Seven –

You are removing so much of the saturated fat from your diet. Get those numbers down by removing cheese!

Step Eight –

It will make you a better partner. Bear with me here – Around 75% of us lose the ability to digest the sugar found in milk. This leads to an upset stomach, diarrhoea, vomiting, bloating and flatulence. So by removing it from your diet will not only make you feel better but you will smell better too!

Step Nine –

It’s time to discover nutritional yeast. It is an inactive, edible yeast with the great nutritional power. It’s loaded with fibre, protein and some are fortified with B12. It can add a lovely cheesy flavour to popcorn, baked potatoes, tofu, chilli or anything else you like cheese on. It’s also an ingredient commonly used in homemade cheeses and cheese sauce.

Step Ten –

Remember why you removed cheese from your diet. It might have been your health, the environment, animal welfare or a combination of all the above. Remember this when you feel that cheese craving kicking in. Just remember how worthwhile your choice is.


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