Should Vegans Buy Food From Fast Food Companies That Mainly Sell Meat?

As I am sure you all have heard already Pizza Hut is placing vegan cheese on the menu throughout the UK after a successful trial! YAY!! This after news that Mc Donald’s is launching a vegan burger. This to me is a clear sign that the world is beginning to appreciate the pace at which veganism is growing and that is here to stay!

A question that a lot of vegans (myself included) ask themselves is whether buying food from these major establishments goes against what veganism is about. Are we giving our money to these companies to fund the torture and slaughter of animals?

I struggled with that question for a while and I finally concluded. No. Yes, our money does line the pockets of companies known to have a major interest in the animal agriculture industry but that money being there is sending a huge message. “The demand for meat is going down and the demand for plant-based foods is going up”. Not buying these products will say “we are ok with eating meat” and the industry will continue to grow as rapidly as it always has. Already at my local supermarkets, there is a key sign that the desire for meat products is going down and its there in the waste at the end of the week. Companies continue to order in massive amounts of product that isn’t selling like it used to. This I’m sure is also the case in large fast food chains such as Pizza Hut and Mc Donald’s why else would they begin to offer a vegan alternative?

So I say order it up. Send the message that this is the kind of food we want and if in the following week even one box less of meat or dairy is ordered you’ve done your part. Perhaps even omnivores will be tempted to order it and if they like it move closer to veganism.

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  1. milkpolka says:

    This is awesome! Fingers crossed this trend makes it to the US!

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  2. Amanda says:

    Hell Yas! Always support the vegan options, even at fast food places! Let them know that we will financially support this trend!

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  3. veganmom7 says:

    I always prefer a vegan restaurant but have no issue supporting restaurants that have vegan options.

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  4. I think it is great that they are making more vegan options as it is showing a message that more people are cutting down on meat and animal product. But also, it shows that it can be easy to adapt and find alternatives.


  5. PRF - Władysław Janowski says:

    I’m skeptic about honesty of Fast Food sellers, when they try to improve their social image by offering say vegan sauce to the normal hamburger a.s.o. Yes, a hamburger with vegan sauce is less non-.vegan, but this is still Fast Food and do we want to support Fast-Food even if it is called vegan? I know, it’s not very easy, but I principally eat only home-made food. Not possible always from 100% bio and vegan products, but it’s still the way to avoid so many things, we cannot really control. Where vegan is only a trend, I don’t believe this to turn to be something more than other trends. I live in Poland (in the forest) and Warsaw is told to be one of best places in Europe to eat vegan. I’m quite sure, next spring everyone has forgotten it and some new trend comes. But this is very individual and also depends on “how vegan” we are and why.


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