What are you REALLY eating?

With so many people switching to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle these days, I’m taking this opportunity to “raise the curtain” on meat. Why do we not call a spade a spade? Why do we work so hard to separate ourselves from what we are eating? Are we in denial? Some people would offer thanks for the animal that has lost its life for our meal. Today we have become so distant from how our food is produced that sometimes we don’t even know what animal it is that we are eating. Would we really eat this if packages were named appropriately? See for yourself from the list below.

“Normal” Milk Milk for a calf drank by humans. Contains pus, antibiotics and blood.
Bacon The side of a pig dunked in salt.
Black Pudding Pigs blood and porridge
Caviar Fish babies.
Cheese Fat from cows breast milk
Chicken Nuggets Mixed leftover parts of chicken reformed to appear like “real” chicken
Chicken wings Bits of meat on tiny bones of wings that never flew
Egg Nog Contains raw chicken period
Eggs Chicken period
Foie Gras Liver of a duck or goose that has been fed to death
Lamb chops Chops from those animals in the field that make you go AWWW
Lard Fatty tissue from a pig
Merlot Steak Meat from the heel of a cow.
Mince Ground cow bits. Also includes faeces.
Ribs Ribcage of a slaughtered animal covered in sauce.
Sausages Bits of pig that you wouldn’t eat if they were not inside a pigs intestine and cooked
Steak Piece of cow
Stuffed Turkey Breadcrumbs in the rectum of a dead bird
Tuna Fish with heavy metals (Not Metallica)
Veal A baby cow that was torn away from its mother and cooked to your likening
Jelly Sweets Ground up hoofs and bones flavoured artificially


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