Veganism Its A Lifestyle Not A Diet

The article Im looking at today is Niki Bezzant: Should we all go vegan? This article was published on Nzherald.

In this article Niki Bezzant who claims to be a committed omnivore try’s a vegan diet. Her philosophy for eating is “a little bit of everything and not too much of anything”. She acknowledges that a lot of kiwis are trying “special diets” and that veganism is growing in popularity. She accepts all the arguments for veganism which I admire so much from someone in the media. She says she found it “very interesting to practice a week of vegan eating recently”

Her 7 days of vegan eating had some ups and downs – Don’t we all question ourselves from time to time? She found it particulary difficult as she loved her eggs and cheese. She enjoyed the creativity with the meals she was creating.She enjoyed eating out saying the food was extremely good and every bit as good as animal based dishes. She was introduced to cashew cheese and says it was tasty but it didn’t taste like cheese.

Sidenote: Does anyone else wonder if these substitutes really taste the same or have we just forgotten what they taste like.

What she did not enjoy was the mental challenge and the mental shift when restricting certain foods. She says that she felt like she was “on a diet”. For most vegans who make this decision it is a lifestyle change and they no longer want the food so they don’t feel restriced as much as a release from the ties of the meat and dairy industry (at least that is how I felt). She on the other hand did not enjoy saying no to foods that she did want. She then continues to refer to the vegan lifestyle as a diet. Ill have to disagree with her here. When you are forced into doing an experiment for your work then its going to have difficulties as it is not your choice when it is your choice you will feel much much better. She says that eating what was available rather than what was tastiest/Healthiest could lead to an unbalanced diet.  Anything vegan is healthier than meat so I think the emphasis here should be on tastiest which is rarely what is better for you. At the end of the experiment she decided that veganism was not for her even though she thinks eating more veggies is something we should all be aiming for.

I admire Niki Bezzant for trying the vegan diet. I really really do. But in order to really see what being a vegan is like you have to want to. You have to believe in the reasons you are doing it. Bottom line you have to accept that it is not “a diet” it is a lifestyle – and it is for life – all life.

You can read Niki’s article here :




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