So you’ve just become a vegetarian?

First of all congratulations! You have taken a big step and your decision should not be belittled. The first couple of weeks can be tricky territory. So the aim of this blog is to help you across a couple of humps that you may face.

  1. Explaining to people


The decision that you have made took a long time and consideration, but people on the outside may not realise that. To them, it may seem sudden or a phase. You are going to be asked “why did you become vegetarian” so have an answer to this ready.


  1. Where do you get your protein?


There are lots of sources of protein for vegetarians, and most of these are tastier than meat. Nuts, milk alternatives, beans, soya, Tofu and Quinoa are just some of the options available to you. This is another question you need to be prepared to answer.


  1. You’re going to have to learn how to cook


You don’t have to do this immediately but it will be necessary. If you are not the main cook in the house you have to understand the cook may find it intimidating to cook for you in the beginning so you may have to eat the same dinner minus the meat portion. This will leave you lacking the protein so best learn how to cook.  In the meantime – canned beans and peas.


  1. Join some online groups.

There is no denying that this is a major learning curve and you will need support and there is a limitless network of people online who will help. It’s a great learning experience. Youll also finds recipes and motivation to keep going.


  1. At the start, there will be some temptation to eat meat


This is completely normal,  don’t worry it will pass. You just have to remember the reason you decided to do this and that you do not need meat. If you feel a serious craving it may be you are low in protein. Have some of the sources mentioned above or eat some meat substitutes which are ideal in the beginning.


  1. Not everyone will understand.

There are some people who do not understand vegetarianism as a choice and will scoff at your decision you have to remember you are doing this for yourself, not for them.


Best of luck in your new lifestyle. It is more rewarding than it is frustrating.  Congratulations!!!

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