10 places to eat as a Vegetarian/Vegan in Donegal

When you think of food and Co. Donegal there’s really only one thing that springs to mind – Fish. Donegal Catch*. Now you would imagine it is not the most ideal place to be a vegetarian.  With the selection of vegetarian options in supermarkets on the rise, I’m taking this opportunity to look at the best options available when eating out as a veggie in Donegal.

  1. Waterfront Hotel, Dungloe.

Now with a glance at the menu, this would not appear to be the most ideal place to eat as a veggie. Menu options are pretty limited with only a delicious nut and goat cheese salad for starters (if your a vegetarian) and a stir-fry for mains. Both of these options are scrumptious but it’s not really sufficient to keep you coming back. I’ve eaten here a few times and one of these times I fancied something different. It was pretty busy, but when I asked the waitress was it possible to get a vegetable curry she was super friendly, and the chef whipped up a delicious curry. On this particular occasion it was busy and so I was very pleasantly surprised that the chef was so accommodating to my request. Though it would be nice to have vegetarian options on the menu if they are available as a lot of people may not be brave enough to ask for the curry and it is delicious!


  1. Highland Hotel, Glenties

You know when you walk into a place and you just get that feeling “there’s going to be nothing for me here”. That’s what I thought when I walked into the highland hotel and I could not have been more wrong! The waitress was very knowledgeable about vegan and vegetarian options and offered a wide range of options that were not on the menu.  I went for a pasta bake and I could not have been more pleased with the taste.  I simply cannot fault the service and it was priced fairly. Though it would be nice to see the vast options for vegetarians and vegans on the menu.

  1. Pink Garlic, Letterkenny

A vegetarians dream! All menu options are available in a vegetarian form and the flavours are mind-blowing. They also do take away so that’s an extra bonus for people staying in the area. It’s hard to properly review this restaurant as it felt like I was eating out like a meat eater as I was offered the same number of options and so I will return again and again. Prices are very reasonable and the service is in line with a 4* restaurant.


  1. Burrito Loco, Letterkenny

Where have you been if you haven’t had a burrito from burrito loco? They do wonderful burritos, nachos and tacos and with the delicious salsas, refried beans and guacamole …even meat eaters would enjoy the vegetarian options.


  1. Charlies West End Café, Ardara.

The only place I have ever seen a Quorn meat substitute on a menu. They do the Quorn fillets with chips, which is an excellent option for those who partake in meat-free Monday.  Standard Café prices apply which is surprising considering that Quorn can be quite expensive.


  1. Doherty’s, Dungloe

Perfect place for lunch. They do an “open vegetable tortilla” This is basically a pizza on a wrap. It’s great when you see a place stray away from the standard burger or stir-fry options. All this wrap took was a little imagination with ingredients they already have and they have me coming back again and again. For the vegans among us, you can get this without the cheese and it is still delicious.


  1. Nancy’s Bar, Ardara

Nancy’s is a bar in Ardara which is very famous for its seafood. When it comes to food Nancy’s is pretty unique in that they don’t do chips. One of the alternative sides they do is a delicious bean chilli. Full of flavour this can also be ordered as a starter. As with everything in Nancy’s bar it is made with the freshest ingredients.


  1. Heeney’s U Drop Inn, Ballybofey

Now I’ve only eaten here once but I’m counting down the days till I get to go back. The vegetarian enchilada is to die for. Not your typical courgette filled wrap this is filled with a variation of perfectly sautéed vegetables and a mildly spiced sauce. You best not eat for a couple of hours before you go here, though even if you’re full you won’t be able to stop eating – it is that good!


  1. Wholegreen, Letterkenny

The only entirely vegan place to eat in Letterkenny. Selection is fabulous, lunch options are very nutritious. The best part? They even do the best cakes for vegans! Call in next time you’re in Letterkenny I bet even your omnivore friends would be pleased to try the veggie sushi and if not they can enjoy the best coffee in town! The staff here are so friendly and make all customers new and old feel so welcome.


  1. Browns on the Green

Not many places in Donegal offer a full vegetarian menu. This is placed on your table at the beginning of your meal without even having to request it. There is lots of choices the food is delicious and presented beautifully.


Now obviously I haven’t eaten in every establishment in Donegal so this is only a brief glance. Eating as a vegetarian in Donegal isn’t difficult. There is some work that needs to be done in adding all the options available to the menu. I also think it would be a good idea for those places that do cater for vegetarians to advertise this fact as looks can be deceiving and your looks may prevent vegetarians coming through your door.

If you know of other vegetarian places to eat in Donegal I would love to hear them. Till then – Enjoy the taste sensations Donegal has to offer.

*I have contacted Donegal catch and asked them to do a vegetarian option and they say they will keep my idea on file in a filing cabinet – I remain hopeful

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ed w says:

    I live in Donegal and real vegetarian options are rare you normally get the veggie thing on the menu. I Was In poland this summer and there was some choice of pure vegetarian food.
    Nancy’s in arrears do a veggie burger as well

    Liked by 1 person

  2. pieor2 says:

    Nancy’s do a lovely veggie burger. What I’m focusing on here is the premises that go above and beyond. Which is where Nancy’s shine with their delicious chilli.


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