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I have returned after a long break away from my blog.  I am back with some exciting news, I have cured Asthma. Let’s begin at the beginning!

As I’m sure I have mentioned before I am a vegetarian. Reasons for this are highlighted in another blog but to summarise I am a veggie simply because I couldn’t think of any more reasons not to be. Now although I know that cutting out meat from my diet can and has made changes to my health and the environment I always felt that I wasn’t quite doing enough. 2 months after meeting my boyfriend I converted him to a veggie way of thinking and being an active sports person the benefits were more evident in him than they were for me (an avid couch potato). He began to cycle and run faster and had more stamina (Get your mind out of the gutter).

I still didn’t feel I was doing enough. After a doctor’s visit, I found I was low in Vitamin D and this led me to seek supplemented foods chiefly soya milk. This brought me this little bit closer to veganism and being a nutritionist I know that the vegan lifestyle can be difficult but is very worthwhile. Now my boyfriend being the adventurous man he is was slightly inhibited by asthma. He is a scuba diver and so his asthma I fear can be very problematic.  Now we’ve all heard the stories of misdiagnosed milk allergies and my kind boyfriend was my willing lab rat to see if asthma symptoms could be reduced by removing dairy from the diet for two weeks. So we went to work. Reading labels, frustrating waiting staff, and preparing more meals at home. The rest, as they say, is history.


On day three the inhaler stayed on the bedside cabinet and we were filled with joy! To go from using it ~3 times a day to not using it for an entire day was a miracle. One day turned into a week, a week to 2, 2 weeks turned into a month! During this time being the fate tempters we are we really started to push our luck. I bought him new trainers for his birthday and out for a run he went and HE BROKE HIS RECORD! On the first run since removing dairy! We went camping which meant routing through old dusty blankets – still no inhaler. I decided I just had to get something from the dusty old attic and still no inhaler! Then after a month of no inhaler – he got a cold. Now to all the women out there you know what a nightmare a man flu can be but for me, my boyfriend getting the cold is a very scary time. Every cough makes me jump, every wheeze makes me panic, I was sure this was the end of the no inhaler streak, and in a way I was right. The inhaler came out after one week of the cold, it was used – Once. The cold inevitably irritated his asthma but no more so than it would have been irritated 3 times a day only 5 weeks beforehand.

Now as overjoyed as we are about this new lease of life I am also very angry. I am angry because for 35 years he suffered from asthma his mother and father dragged to Dublin with serious asthma attacks, the scary phone call I received telling me his windpipe had moved, the nurse who almost cut a hole in his trachea to allow him a breath of air. To know now that all that time if just one doctor ONE doctor had read any of the medical journals that I have read in regards to dairy allergies being misdiagnosed that all of that could have been avoided. Or we could go back to the very beginning why in the name of Hippocrates are we drinking the mammalian fluid of a cow anyway! It has to be pasteurised and homogenised to be fit for human consumption it is not suitable for our consumption in its raw form so why. If I told you I was pumping my nursing cat and drinking the fluid you’d have me signed in. Just because something has become the norm does not mean it is the only path.

There is a world of illnesses out there with new ones cropping up almost daily and there’s a special subcategory called “Dietary illnesses”. Can we all just stop and think for just one minute? 99% of illnesses if looked at a little bit closer are dietary illnesses, or at least these can be avoided with adherence to a healthy diet or listening to your body when you eat a certain food group. Surely when a person, in particular, a child is brought into a clinic their diet should be placed under the microscope before whatever bodily fluid sample. Can we start to look at what we are putting into our bodies when we wonder why we aren’t getting the best out of them? Could we consider visiting a recognized nutritionist before we visit our doctor? Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine”, in a world where information and extensive studies are so available can we state “don’t let food be thy poison?” In exchange for a life full of milky tea, ice-cream and pizza, my boyfriend has gained a life with lungs full of air. Seems like a fair swap to me… what could you gain?

If this blog reaches even just one person who is willing to try to go milk free for just two weeks to see if there are benefits feel free to contact me for support.

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and full lungs.


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  1. pieor2 says:

    Reblogged this on Pie R 2.


  2. DiaryofaFitmum says:

    Completely agree with this. I gave up dairy because my baby has an intolerance to cows milk protein and I am breastfeeding and it made me feel SO much better. I am not asthmatic but my skin cleared up and my digestive system seemed to function so much better, no more bloating. I have decided to make it a permanent change.

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