Welcome to pie-R-2. This blog is about all things food.

I am a food scientist based in Ireland. I have had a lifelong (somewhat unhealthy) love of food, and I know I am not alone. My BSc (Hons) in food science and nutrition does mean that I am conscious of the nutritional value (or lack of) in whats on my plate but that doesn’t mean that I don’t put it there. I do not have the perfect body and I’ve more wobbly bits than a trifle. None of us is perfect, and if you are reading this it means that you like me are in love with food. I am not here to preach I’m here in the hope that maybe I can pass on my love of food in the same way it was passed on to me – Through a cookbook, my father bought my mother for their wedding anniversary. I used to stay up late reading through the pages comparing and mixing recipes in my head (while my father slept on the couch) When I was finally allowed to cook I started with a simple omelette every day changing and mixing the recipe until I had something unique and then I spent my time trying to incorporate the bread into the omelette. I really thought I was the inventor of french toast or as all called it “eggy bean bread” until this day I am still tweaking that recipe and it just keeps getting messier and messier.

About my diet – I am a vegetarian and I love to experiment with different flavours and unusual combinations. I like to add a twist to all the dishes that have become somewhat overdone. I don’t have a modern kitchen and all the best appliances –  I like to experiment with things that most of us have to hand.

So I decided to write this blog which will run alongside my twitter account where I will share my daily food experiments and disasters, recipes, health tips, food hacks and of course memes (Whats life without food memes). I also weigh in on fad diets and elimination diets. I’m here to answer all your food queries and would love to hear whatever tips or combinations you have all gathered through the years.

I hope you will join me.

So will we have a pie R 2? X


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